Dr. Quinn also studies the moralization and classification of markets, bodies, and deaths in order to understand how culture influences social fields.

 Previous work:
Work in Progress:
  • “Sex, Shame, and Subjectivity: Theorizing Homologies in Social Space” (with Lynne Gerber, in process). This working paper introduces the concept of emotional homologies, or similar emotional dispositions, which may mediate cross-group alliances.
  • “‘It’s not Because of My Mastectomies. It’s Because I’m Fat’: Body Shame Among Terminally Ill Women” (with Sara McClelland  and Lynne Gerber). Draft in process. Analysis of interviews of women with terminal breast cancer reveals that modes of gendered domination – aesthetic labor, ageism, sizeism, and sexualization – all become distinct sites of loss at the end of life in ways that are mediated by overall configurations of cultural and bodily capital.